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State Administration of Social Sphere: Status and Modernization

N. S. Volkova

PhD in law


The article covers specific features of government administation in social sphere. It analyzes the notion of social sphere, studies the main guidelines of government administration in this sphere, examines the main issues of government policy in different sectors of social sphere.

Keywords: government administation, social sphere, government services, government standards.

Legal Foundations of Establishment of Unified Administration of Settlement and Municipal District

L. V. Andrichenko, A. E. Postnikov

L. V. Andrichenko, doctor of jurisprudence

A. E. Postnikov, doctor of jurisprudence


This article discusses the organizational and legal problems of a consolidated administration of the settlement and the municipal district, including those related to changes in the chartars of municipalities.

Keywords: local government, bodies of local government, local government officials, the structure of local government, a consolidated administration of the settlement and the municipal district, municipal charters.

Logical Flaws of Content of Particular Principles of Criminal Procedure

S. S. Bezrukov

PhD in law, associate professor


The Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation to the principles of criminal justice assigned a separate chapter. However, assignment to a number of principles of individual prescriptions raises numerous objections from scientists and practitioners, and legal construction of certain “fundamental” provisions casts doubt on the possibility of their performances on a par with the most important (basic) rules of the Code.

Keywords: criminal justice, principles of criminal process.

Legal Nature of State Control and Supervision

A. V. Petrov, A. E. Epifanov

A. V. Petrov, doctor of jurisprudence, professor

A. E. Epifanov, doctor of jurisprudence, professor


This article presents a comprehensive theoretical analysis of the social and legal entity and the legal nature of state control and supervision in the context of solving the problems of the conceptual theory of law. Given the variety of different approaches to the definition of the concept of state control and supervision of the work is presented to form the scientific position on the topic for the role of state control and supervision in the emerging legal state in Russia.

Keywords: social control function of management, public administration, state control, state control, guarantee the rule of law, compliance and enforcement, legal form of state activity.

Triune Nature of Equity in the Field of Tort Liability

D. E. Bogdanov

PhD in law, associate professor


The present paper examines the evolution of tort liability issues from the perspective of corrective, distributive and retributive justice, in particular, the problems of guilty and strict, causal and causeless liability etc. From the standpoint of justice the directions of the further evolution of tort liability are grounded.

Keywords: tort, corrective, distributive and retributive justice, evolution of tort liability.

Trends and Prospects of Corporate Pension Provision in the Russian Federation

M. K. Belobabchenko, D. V. Lubyagina

M. K. Belobabchenko, PhD in law

D. V. Lubyagina, PhD in law


In Russia the development of corporate pensions is one of the priorities, and forms part of the strategy of long-term development of the pension system of the Russian Federation until 2030. In connection with the changes in the pension system the authors have tried to analyze the current trends of corporate pension taking into account foreign experience and determine the prospects of development of the pension system.

Keywords: сorporate pensions, pensions savings, private pension funds, guarantee pensions savings.

Provocation of Crimes by Law Enforcement Agencies: Comparative-Legal Analysis of the Russian and Foreign Legislation

A. V. Shmonin, O. I. Semykina

A. V. Shmonin, doctor of jurisprudence

O. I. Semykina, PhD in law


The article provides a comparative analysis of the criminalization of entrapment by undercover policing in the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the United States and the CIS.

Keywords: entrapment, corruption offenses, bribery, intelligence-led, undercover policing.

Minors as Having Full Legal Capacity (Emancipation)

A. V. Ilyukhin


The article deals with the nature and objectives of the concept of emancipation of minors, as well as with particularities and ramifications of this concept in Russia. The author formulates his suggestions on how to improve the related legislation. 

Keywords: emancipation, capacity to exercise rights, liability of minors.

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